Why Modern with a Twist?

What’s in a name?

Over the last 10 years I’ve followed tons of interior decorating/design/DIY blogs. One of my favorite bloggers is Jackie Hernandez from School of Decorating. I have learned so much from her over the years and have been the recipient of her e-books, blog, and classes. One of my favorite classes is called Define Your Style Lab.

Before taking the class, I liked and appreciated many interior design styles. But they didn’t necessarily go together and definitely didn’t all work in my home.  What Jackie teaches is that there is a big difference between liking a style and loving it if you’re going to use it in your home. One way to figure out what styles you love is to figure out what you hate and why.

After going through a series of activities, I narrowed down what my interior design style is not: minimal, monochromatic or antique and what my interior design style is: modern, layered with contrast, repurposed, and comfy.

The living room below, designed by Emily Henderson is a great example of my style.

Emily Henderson

Now that I had words to describe my interior design style it was time to break down what each word meant in detail. This level of detail is so important since it ensures that I’ll be thoughtful about each purchase I make for our home. No more impulsive, random buys just because it’s on sale or “cute” or in all the magazines.

This is My Style Description written for the class. Even though I took the class a couple years ago, my style has not changed.

First and foremost my style is modern. Furniture is chosen for its clean lines, low profile and comfort. Fixed elements are neutral and create a light and airy feel to the space. Industrial materials like stone, metal and wood are layered throughout to create texture and depth. Textiles such as rugs, fabrics and blankets are used to keep the space from becoming stark or cold. Pops of color (primarily green, blue, and yellow) are sprinkled throughout to further create contrast. Art and accessories are styled thoughtfully and are meaningful to our family. That includes items that are re-purposed or restored to bring out the beauty or to create a unique piece. Overall, our home feels bright, welcoming, comfy and uncluttered.

Laure Joliet Spaces

I have to say that by being so specific about my interior design style I have opened up a whole world of possibilities. You would think being so detailed is boring and doesn’t lead to creativity. For me, it has the opposite effect. It keeps me from getting swayed by all the shiny objects out there. It keeps my home looking cohesive and well designed. And it saves money because I’m no longer purchasing items that don’t work with what I already have.

So, in the end I have called my style “Modern with a Twist”. I encourage you to define your own style and let me know what you come up with in the comments.

Take care,


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